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Venture Capital Finland

  • Business Finland (formerly Tekes) – a Finnish funding agency specialized in research communities, industry, and service sectors.
  • Butterfly Ventures – Butterfly Ventures invests into early-stage startups either in seed or pre-seed phase. Butterfly Ventures is investing in the seed stage startups, mainly from Finland, but also from other Nordic countries and Baltics.  We prefer to get involved with companies early on. 80% of our portfolio companies do not have any revenue at the time of our entry. However, we’re very business-driven, typically our portfolio companies start generating revenue in less than six months from the first investment. Right now, we’re looking for deep tech, HW, and HW interfacing SW. Oulu & Helsinki
  • EduImpact Venture Capital – Finland is well-known for three strengths: Education, Technology, and Social Equality. EDUIMPACT Venture Capital is built on these three pillars to solve the biggest bottleneck of the Education Companies’ success: access to the professional seed and growth capital. Helsinki
  • Evli Growth Partners – Evli Growth Partners is a Finnish VC investing in the most beautiful Nordic and Baltic companies in Series A and Series B. We’re looking for founders who are exceptionally capable of execution and ready to win their lucrative markets globally. We are industry agnostic but want to see proven unit economics and a few million euros of revenue when we partner with you. Helsinki
  • Finnvera – Finnvera makes direct investments in early-stage enterprises through Seed Fund Vera Ltd. Finnvera’s goal is to cover shortcomings existing on the market between product development funding and private equity investments. Finnvera does not compete with private financiers; instead, it strives to supplement the financial market. Finnvera’s investments enable, start, and accelerate growth and internationalization among investment targets. Enterprises are developed to make them attractive targets for further financing by other investors and industrial actors. Investments are made in technology enterprises at an early stage and in technology-intensive or innovative service enterprises that have the potential for developing into international growth enterprises. Finnvera is also known as a specialized financing company owned by the State of Finland. It provides its clients with loans, guarantees, venture capital investments, and export credit guarantees.
  • – is a venture capital firm and community on a mission to help build influential tech companies. We invest €50k – €350k in very early stages in Nordic & Baltic software-driven companies with a strong founder team. Helsinki
  • Innovestor – We are a Nordic early-stage venture capital investor, who actively offers direct co-investment opportunities and builds growth programs. The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority supervises Innovestor Ltd. Innovestor offices are located in Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Stockholm, and Moscow.
  • Inventure – Inventure is a Nordic technology fund backing early-stage entrepreneurs. Having our roots in Finland, we enjoy domains many don’t feel comfortable with and make big bets on deep tech. The strong capital base allows us to lead investments, starting from initial seed-stage through expansion. Helsinki
  • IPR.VC – a venture capital investment company that specializes in intellectual property in digital media content, communications, and entertainment. Helsinki
  • Lifeline Ventures – Lifeline Ventures is a Helsinki-based early-stage VC investing in health, games, web, and tech. Founded by serial entrepreneurs, we work with early-stage companies in funding, sales, technology, strategy, and operations. Lifeline Ventures invests in future category-leading companies with strong founders. To date, we have invested in more than 70 companies. Our investment ticket size ranges from 100 kEUR to 2 mEUR, and we participate in angel, seed, and Series A rounds. Helsinki
  • – is an early-stage venture capital firm dedicated to partnering with founders who never conform to category standards. From inception to series A and beyond, we partner with deep tech and brand-driven companies obsessed with challenging category norms. Helsinki
  • NGP Capital – NGP Capital provides deep industry expertise and an extensive network to help entrepreneurs accelerate company growth. With offices in the US, Europe, India, and China, NGP Capital extends the reach of companies making their products and services local everywhere. With more than $1bn under management, NGP Capital’s portfolio includes Xiaomi, Deliveroo, Quikr, Babbel, Kaltura, UCweb, and more. Helsinki & Geneva
  • NordicNinja VC – A new venture capital fund is supporting scale-up goals in the New Nordics. Helsinki
  • OpenOcean – OpenOcean is an early-stage venture capital firm operating across Europe with offices in London, Helsinki, and Amsterdam. With an entrepreneurial background from building several category-defining software businesses, the firm engages with founders to develop global and scalable companies delivering data-intensive and good software solutions. OpenOcean typically leads or co-leads European €5M Series A funding rounds. Since its inception, the firm has raised three funds totaling €150M. Amsterdam, Helsinki & London
  • Reaktor Ventures – Reaktor Ventures is laser-focused, helping seed stage companies become global leaders. We invest from tens of thousands up to one million euros. Helsinki
  • Sisu Game Ventures – an evergreen investment company, not a fund, which means there’s no pressure for exits. We like to invest very early, preferably first money in – pre-revenue and most often pre-product. The main thing is that we invest in teams – the people making the games – not just individual IPs or metrics. In addition to money, we invest our time and expertise to help level up the company for the next phase.
  • Superhero Capital – Superhero Capital is to founders what Alfred is to Batman – the help from behind the scenes. We know what it takes to strive for the seemingly impossible, with the stubborn determination to make it globally. We’ve had our fair share of success – and the occasional failures – to know what it takes to create a company from scratch. We’ve collectively founded, worked at, and invested in over 60 startups in various fields including eCommerce, fintech, healthtech, and industrial tech. We’re interested in early-stage ventures run by passionate founders with massive ambitions. We’re looking for the next superheroes aiming for global domination while changing the world for better. Helsinki
  • Tera Ventures – We have a presence in Estonia and Finland, plus global contacts and experience. We leverage and create access to global markets and capital pools, as well as value creation and realization for our portfolio companies. As former global entrepreneurs ourselves, we have walked in the shoes of our clients, and we place the relationships with our founders at the heart of our business. Helsinki, Los Angeles, Tallinn
  • Tesi – Tesi is a venture capital and private equity company that accelerates companies’ success stories by investing in them. Helsinki
  • Valve Ventures – Valve Ventures is a Helsinki-based angel and early-stage venture investor.
  • Verdane Capital – We invest in growth businesses whose development and proven potential are underpinned by technology, and supported by long-term structural growth trends, such as offline-to-online migrations, demographic shifts, or changing consumer habits. Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, Oslo, Stockholm
  • VNT Management – We are one of the first venture capital management companies in Europe that focuses on clean technologies, in particular, renewables, electrical systems, and energy savings. We are active in the Nordics and German-speaking countries. We have three funds with a total investment capital of €157 million under management.

Venture Capital Finland

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