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How do you compete in a global economy with a workforce that has difficulty communicating in English?

Two recent groundbreaking studies—the 2013 Business English Index (BEI) and the Globalization of English (GOE) report—confirm the primacy of Business English as the de facto language of business.[1]

Without proper presentation skills – your international team will experience difficulty collaborating with each other, communication problems quickly become business problems. Internal and external miscommunication affect innovation, speed to market, execution, customer satisfaction, profitability, and many other key measures of company success. In short, presentation skills are not just nice to have; but a crucial factor for attracting investors and strategic partners, expanding into new markets, and competing in the global market.

Presentation Coach Berlin

Doherty & Associates’s mission is to help executives efficiently improve their presentation skills so they can communicate, collaborate and operate optimally, which ultimately leads to unprecedented business success.

Doherty & Associates provides business presentation training to international managers and executives who compete in today’s global market and need the global currency – English. Our content is fully tailored to address participant’s everyday executive English language needs based on their job-specific language and vocabulary. Our focus during the presentation training is to help participants improve a full range of communication skills in order to effectively convey value and competency to secure buy in from investors or corporate partners.

Business writing, meetings, presenting and negotiating require clear and effective communication. Whether you are a CEO negotiating difficult meeting discussions or a middle manager stepping into a new position, we offer targeted business English training programs for meeting management skills and persuasive presentations to international managers and executives.

We tailor training programs for each firm’s specific needs. Programs offered one-on-one or in small groups.  The training content and format depend on the number of participants, desired goals and skill levels.

Our program begin with a comprehensive interview and assessment of each participant’s language needs, training objectives, job responsibilities and style.

Presentation Coach Berlin

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